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CyberBrokers, an award-winning NFT collection and digital art ecosystem from Paradigm Lost, features 10,001 unique characters etched permanently onto the Ethereum blockchain. It's evolved into a diverse array of Web3-enabled experiences, redefining interactive storytelling, engaging art, and immersive digital realms.

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Welcome to 
the World of CyberBrokers

The Origin

CyberBrokers, a standout brand under ‘Paradigm Lost’ media company, was created by Josie Bellini, a leading “OG” crypto artist who left the traditional finance world to create art that celebrates the crypto revolution. The company launched its inaugural ‘CyberBrokers’ collection in March 2022, breaking records by becoming the most robust artwork ever stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The CyberBrokers Collection

This inaugural CyberBrokers collection is a series of 10,001 on-chain NFT collectibles that depict characters from our ongoing Lore and provide membership and access to various metaversal experiences. Every CyberBroker is a piece of art with varying traits and accessories, stored entirely on the Ethereum network. The art is composed of SVGs, a lossless compressed format that maintains full data integrity. All CyberBrokers can be reconstructed from data on-chain using both on-chain and off-chain decompressors, and will exist permanently within the Ethereum ecosystem, forever.

Importantly, the collection’s intersection of technology, storytelling, and art spoke to the world in a special way and has since cultivated a growing, passionate community and fandom of “brokers”.

Expanding the Universe

We’ll be adding new layers to the Paradigm Lost universe through a variety of mediums. Interactive experiences, live events, regular updates to the CyberBrokers-themed Paradigm Found game, Genesis Mech Mods, and Drifters are just the tip of the iceberg. Expect extensions of the CyberBrokers story, unique collectibles, and more. Our latest and greatest addition is the composable, 3D Genesis Mech NFT collection.

Be Our Copilot

This journey has just begun, and we welcome you to join our community and become our copilot as we develop this rich world together!



Curious about what's next? Check our roadmap below, watch Josie Bellini, our CEO, break it down in this video, and catch our latest roadmap blog update.


January 2020

The Genesis

An idea was born. Josie Bellini began work on CyberBrokers.

October 2021

Lore Begins

February 2022

Allowlist Open

Opened Allowlist registration.

March 2022

Create Collection

April 2022


Launched Quest #1. 

Airdropped first TPL Mecha Parts to Quest participants and CyberBrokers holders.

May 2022


Launched CyberBroker Community Spaces.

Announced CyberBrokers Community Fund.

June 2022


Launched Quest #3 - our first hybrid IRL/online questing.

Held the first CyberBrokers event co-hosted with Nifty Gateway (+ virtual party).

Published Issue #1 of The Era Novum Ledger.

Hosted our first CyberBrokers IRL community meetup.

July 2022

Swag + Fame

Launched CyberBrokers Auditions - community written character backstories for a chance to appear in the Lore.

Launched Shopify Store incl. exclusive drops of FlashPoint Tees and Hi-Res Caps.

August 2022


September 2022

Community Projects

Launched the Pixie Bot AI platform in CyberBrokers’ Discord.

Launched Paradigm Broadcasting Corp “PBC” News content series on Twitter.

October 2022


Hosted Team AMA.

Hosted Community Town Hall.

October 2022


November 2022


Held Holders Meetup in NFT London.

November 2022

“The Core”

Launched New Website.

November 2022


Community-funded project Lost Paradigms mint.

December 2022

More Lore

Nexuspoint Narrative Event.

December 31, 2022

Claims Close

Mech Part Claims Window Closes.

January 2023

Mech Reveal

Launched Mech Burn-to-Reveal.

April 2023


Launched pixelated CyberBrokers collection.

April 17, 2023

Genesis Mechs

Launched metaverse-ready and future-proof 3D Genesis Mechs collection.

Summer 2023

Version Beta

Pick your Faction. Claim your Rewards. Decide your Destiny.

Holders and 13 collab communities competed and earned rewards (Mech Parts, Accolade, Mech Mod) for participation in a series of weekly lore infused Missions. The "Secrets of the Beta Worlds" are available in story and audio formats.

August 7, 2023

Mech Disassembly

Create a killer Mech, then disassemble and re-assemble to craft any of the ~17 billion possible Mech combinations.

September 7, 2023

Snap Shack Trial Mode

Let your creativity loose by experimenting with all 50 Styles of Mech Parts at the Snap Shack.

October 26, 2023

Mech Repaint Tool

Head over to the Snap Shack to find your Mech’s perfect color combination. No cost, gas, or transaction fees.

January 25, 2024

Paradigm Lost

Paradigm Lost media launched to create brands, architect infinite digital realities, and create kick-ass metaverse experiences. This new production house unites all our brands and creations under one umbrella.

March 20,, 2024

Paradigm Found

Embark on a journey through the endless worlds of The Paradigm Lost, shaping your digital destiny. Gather treasures, forge items, and unravel the mysteries of The Paradigm, once lost but maybe, with your help, finally found. Start collecting NFTs now to be ready for enhanced gameplay. Subscribe to be the first to know when it launches.

A free-to-play digital adventure browser game with enhanced gameplay for owners of Paradigm Lost assets (CyberBrokers, Genesis Mechs, etc)

Play now at


Spring 2024

Genesis Mech Mods

Accessorize your Genesis Mech 3D avatars and elevate your Paradigm Found gameplay with these 3D accessories.


Paradigm Found

New features and missions will be added to the Paradigm Found game on a regular basis. 

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The human beings within the Paradigm Lost story, Drifters “rig up” to escape their gloomy icy reality and explore The Paradigm with its permanent inhabitants, CyberBrokers. Drifters’ final form is still top secret as of now.

Play the Paradigm Found game to help them get back into TPL.

The Team Behind Cyberbrokers

CyberBrokers is brought to you by the Paradigm Lost team, a roster of crypto artists, NFT experts, and Web3 OGs. Head on over to the Paradigm Lost website to learn more about our team.

Ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a team of talented and passionate innovators? Head on over to the Paradigm Lost Careers page and explore open roles, or just drop us a line with your CV.