Behind every good CyberBroker is a Mech, helping them navigate TPL's hectic airways.

Journey through the metaverse with Genesis Mech NFTs: future-proof and metaverse-ready masterpieces that are fully rigged, 3D, interoperable, and customizable.

Mechs also provide enhanced abilities to any characters in the Paradigm Found game

Paths To Acquire A Genesis Mech

⚒️ Collect, Assemble & Customize

For those who want the full experience of creating their own custom Mech.

  1. Start by collecting Mech Parts and previewing how they look together with our Sandbox Tool. Try your luck by picking up some unrevealed Mech Parts, then head on over to Pretty's to reveal their Style. Or browse our 50 Mech Styles and snag the exact Revealed Mech Parts you'd like. Don't forget to grab your favorite color Afterglow.

  2. Then head on over to the Snap Shack, where you'll be able to Assemble and mint your very own Genesis Mech. Customize it with a color picker and make it your own with a unique name. You're in control.

🛒 Browse & Purchase

For those who want to jump right in to our universe. No assembly needed.

  1. Start by getting familiar with our 50 unique Mech Styles. Then figure out which tier of our 5 Mech Models you'd like to buy. Mech Models include basic Enforcers, rough-and-tumble Ravagers, big and beefy Behemoths, sleek and nimble Lupis, and top-of-the-line Nexus Models.

  2. Then browse our line of Genesis Mechs that are already minted and pre-assembled. Go for a Mech thats all one Style, or go for a mix-and-match Mech thats optimized on Stats. The choice is yours.

Model & Style Info

  • There are 5 Models of Mechs. Each Model has a different specialty between the Stats of Power, Speed, and Endurance.

  • There are also 50 Styles of Mechs spread across the Models. A Style defines a Mech’s unique appearance as well as its attributes and special talents and/or Stats.

    • You can buy unrevealed TPL Mecha Parts, Mecha Parts whose Style has not been revealed yet, and roll the dice to see if you can snag a rare Style. Or you can browse the available TPL Revealed Mech Parts and pickup the exact Styles you are looking for.

  • The Model of an assembled Mech is determined by the Model type of the Engine part. Two other Mech Parts with the same Model as the chosen Engine will also be required. For example, if you have a Lupis Engine you will also need a minimum of two other Lupis Mech Parts to construct your Lupis Mech.

  • From least to most rare, the Mech Models and their corresponding Styles are shown below.

Mech Models

Mech Utility