How to Earn Rewards

At the end of CyberBroker Quests, eligible participants and holders are awarded with collectible digital asset(s). The number and type of the rewards you can claim depends on whether you earned Quest participation credits, the number of CyberBrokers you own, and if you own a Lupis Model Mech Arm. Eligibility may vary by Quest. Here are the specific eligibility requirements for Quest #3, Quest #4, Quest #5 and Quest #6 - the only Quests with claimable rewards, so far.

How to Earn Rewards

If you wish to participate in CyberBrokers Quests with a hot wallet and still benefit from CyberBrokers or Lupis Mech Arm(s) in cold storage, you should have linked your hot and cold wallets with the CyberBroker Quest Hot x Cold Wallet Links form before Quest participation credit closed to ensure both wallets are counting towards that Quest's reward eligibility. Wallet linking will not impact your eligibility for historical Quest rewards.

How to Claim
  1. Connect your wallet address to the Claims page by selecting “Connect Wallet” in the upper right hand corner. You can connect with any wallet address you own, so feel free to connect with a hot wallet.

  2. (Optional) If your CyberBroker(s) or Lupis Mech Arm(s) are stored in a wallet that is different than the one you connected with during Step 1, enter the wallet they are stored in using the "Claim For Other Wallet” button. Claims will be minted to the wallet they are stored in.

  3. Select “Claim” and pay the gas fee.

What do I do with Rewards?

Mechs are one of the top ways to navigate TPL’s hectic airways and protect your broker from being d-mezzed. Build a mech from scratch by collecting salvageable parts over time to be assembled at the end of Quest Season 1.

Your custom-built mech will be used to aid you in solving future Quests. Remember, mechs need operators and can not be used by themselves.

For the opportunity to earn the highest quality collector rewards, follow future Quests on Substack and Twitter.

Support: For questions or concerns about CyberBrokers' Quest rewards, claims, or linking hot and cold wallets, please submit a support ticket.