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November 05 2022

CyberBrokers Monthly Update: October 2022

Roadmaps and Lore and love triangles, oh my! This month has been a big one in the CyberBrokers universe. We let the cat out of the bag on some really exciting things happening behind-the-scenes, shared more fan-fave content, and hosted more fun community contests and events. ICYMI here’s the roundup.


  • Published our first-ever roadmap, letting our community behind the curtain on what we’ve been up to and what’s around the corner.

  • Spoiler alert: We are launching the new CyberBrokers Website Core in late November, with Mechs and Quest Version 1.0 not far behind!  Here are some sneak peeks of one of our nature bois. Read the roadmap highlights on our tweet thread recap.

Lore & More

  • Published Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 audio for The Paradigm Lost podcast with narration from SuperMassive. Available on Anchor and Spotify.

  • Published the Spanish translation of Chapters 1-10 of The Paradigm Lost Lore.

  • Posted news stories from The Paradigm Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) News on Twitter, a content series where all of the latest and greatest news coming out of The Paradigm will be tagged with #PBCLiveNews. Tag your own news stories for a chance to be featured as a correspondent! 

  • Published Lazy Lore Chapter 12-14, a summarized recap for the laziest of us.


  • Building Quest “Not a Quest” Finale, launching end of the month. Let’s end this thing with ShaDAO and figure out this love triangle once and for all. 


  • Awarded 4 community members 4 various TPL Mecha Part collectibles as part of the Holder Survey. Congratulations to the winners below:

    • Digitized won a Behemoth Bundle - 2x Pirate Arms, 1x Leg, Body, Head & Engine.

    • jaybee won a Flex Arm Bundle - 2x Nexus Pirate Arms.

    • rosh.eth won a Precision Body Bundle - 2x Lupis Body parts.

    • T3nghu won a Body Variety Bundle - 3x Enforcer Body parts.

  • Awarded 2x Ravager Pirate Arm parts to @Kanetix for being first to guess the emoji 🔦 that represented the next TPL Mecha Part part, the Afterglow module.

Pixe Bolt AI

The Pixie Bolt AI is an artificial intelligence-powered text-to-image service in the CyberBrokers Discord, sitting at the intersection of artwork, collaboration, and creativity; empowering our community to become their own storytellers.

  • Held 2 “Pixie Bolt AI Getting Started” sessions to introduce holders to the service.

  • 250 holders have created over 8,400 visions of TPL since the service started.

  • Hosted 4 weekly contests (weeks 5-8 of a continuing series) for community members to use Pixie Bolt AI. Below are the winners whose art is now an official part of CyberBrokers Lore and will be featured in a future issue of The Era Novum Ledger!

    • During week 5, the contest prompt was “Create your vision of what Drifter life is like”. The winner was @Kanetix22.

    • During week 6, the contest prompt was “Visualize the coolest new club in Era Novum”. The winner was @CalisayNFT.

    • During week 7, the contest prompt was “Show us your vision of the latest fashion trend in TPL”. The winners were @web3princessa and @0xV0ult.

    • During week 8, the contest prompt was “Visualize a character in TPL & give them a backstory”. The winner was @Augustus1350 and the backstory was “Stockpile Quotidian is one of the biggest stars in TPL but behind her glamorous and seductive persona she really hated being a Cammer”.

Community Engagement

The CyberBrokers Writing team is always looking for new ways to involve you in their plots. They hosted 2 Writers' Room calls, where volunteer writers from our Discord helped them create storylines that will be driven by what YOU want!

  • The current Writers’ Room volunteers are as follows:

  • Held a Writer Room’s AMA in Discord to explain to the community how to get involved with being part of fleshing out our storylines through this application process.

  • Held 4 Creator Calls in Discord, where members discuss Community Fund project ideas, find out what others are working on, and possibly get involved.

  • Held 2 Community Spaces on Twitter, where members discuss all things CyberBrokers.

  • Held 3 Game Nights, an opportunity for community members to have some fun playing an online game together, such as Among Us. Stay tuned for the next upcoming online gaming session, which will be announced on Twitter & Discord.

  • Held our first Leveling Up event with guest speaker Pindar Van Arman, a renowned AI Artist.  Pindar talked about the evolution of AI, how it works, and how it is being used in art. 

  • Created a community tool to dress your brokers for Halloween. Here are some of the results.

Community Fund At-A-Glance

In March, the CyberBrokers team allocated $174K to fund community-led projects. “Bounties” are projects we deem a priority and actively seek out; while “Creations” refer to ideas from members of our vibrant network who want their voices heard about how they can help expand our universe further! To submit a Creation or apply to a Bounty, use the official Community Fund Submission Form. For full details of how the fund, submission, and selection process works, head to Community Fund Overview.

  • Starting Balance: $174,000

  • Remaining Balance: $153,448

  • Expenditures - October

    • Pixie Bolt AI - monthly usage fees

    • Translations - Mandarin

    • Translations - Spanish

  •  ens.cyberbrokers.eth


  • Continued production on mechs. 

  • Continued production on the new website CyberBrokers Core, launching at the end of the month. Here’s another sneak peek:

And that’s another month in the books, brokers! Thanks for riding along with us. Until next time - don’t get d’mezzed!