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September 01 2022

Pixie Bolt AI Text-to-Image Service Launches

Are you ready to create amazing graphics of scenes and characters from the CyberBrokers Lore? Here’s a rundown of the Pixie Bolt AI project:
  • Pixie Bolt AI is an AI-powered text-to-image service that launches in the CyberBrokers Discord on September 1st. Users provide text inputs and the bot creates amazing CyberBrokers-themed images.

  • Brought to all holders by the CyberBrokers Community Fund, this project was an original concept by Architect, who has also provided the CyberBrokers styling for the bot and is acting as project manager. 

  • We will be holding weekly Pixie Bolt AI Image contests, based on TPL-inspired prompts, to encourage community creativity.

  • There will be an AMA on Thursday, September 1st at 1pm CDT in Discord to demo Pixie Bolt AI and answer questions.

  • Beware: Beta testers have reported a lack of sleep from AI addiction!

Now let’s dive into everything you need to know to start generating your own CyberBrokers-inspired images!


Named after Pixie Bolt, a CyberBrokers Founder with the AI Talent, Pixie Bolt AI is an artificially intelligent text-to-image service that turns your text descriptions of scenes, locations, and people from The Paradigm Lost into CyberBrokers-themed images. This service is provided to our holders through the Community Fund and is powered by the Pixelcat bot from, using the Pixelmindai toolkit. 

This tool sits at the intersection of artwork, storytelling, and collaboration. The idea of pairing our rich lore with your creative interpretations of TPL to create unique works is a no-brainer. We can’t wait to see what your imagination brings to life! And remember, like all cats, Pixie Bolt AI can be finicky, so you may need to use different words to get your desired result. 

Community Fund

The idea for Pixie Bolt AI came from CyberBroker holder Architect, who has worked tirelessly with AI technology to create an output style that perfectly represents CyberBrokers. Architect submitted his creation through the Community Fund, where his proposal was selected and subsequently funded, leading to the Pixie Bolt AI service launching on September 1st.

Architect continues to manage the project and tweak settings behind the scenes, so please be sure to thank him when you see him online - or simply say hi!


Pixie Bolt AI will be available to all holders with the CyberBroker role in the #cb-pixie-bolt-ai channel of Discord, immediately after the Pixie Bolt AI AMA event on Thursday, September 1st at 2pm ET in Discord Voice Channels/General.

To make sure that all holders have a chance to use the service, there will be a limit on usage. At launch, each holder will be able to create 20 images every 5 days. We hope to increase those limits over time as we monitor how the service is used.

The service will be available through the end of October 2022. Mid-October, we will be gathering community feedback and determining next steps with the service.


Text Input: round fish bowl head with swimming goldfish, necklace, suit up

Text Input: hacker solving a complex digital puzzle on a Commodore 64 in his basement shrouded in a green


Join us on Thursday, September 1st at 1pm EDT in Discord Voice Channels/General for a presentation on Pixie Bolt AI with Architect, the project manager, and Adam from, the company behind the service. The AMA will cover:

  • What is Pixie Bolt AI

  • Story of its creation and funding through the Community Fund

  • Instructions and demonstrations of use

  • Overview of Usage Policy

A User Guide has been created for holders to reference.  This includes details of the Discord slash commands needed for use, along with tips and tricks on how to get the best results.


Starting on Monday, September 5th, we will be hosting weekly contests in the CyberBrokers Discord with different themes. Holders will draw inspiration from the weekly theme to create their own AI-generated images using Pixie Bolt AI.

  • Between 8-10am CDT on Mondays the theme for the week will be added to the pinned post in the #cb-pixie-bolt-ai channel, along with detailed instructions on how to enter.

  • Holders will spend the week using Pixie Bolt AI to create images based on the prompt.

  • Holders will then pick a single image per theme to submit for entry into the content via a Twitter post. We will accept submissions until the following Sunday at 7pm CDT.

  • Carl (CarTarL) and Brianna (ladydiamondhand) will review all entries and select the week's winner.

  • The winner will be announced on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Our team of Writers will then craft a story around your image to be featured in a future issue of The Era Novum Ledger newspaper. The winning images will also be included in a CyberBrokers tweet as well as a future newsletter.

Usage Policy

Please take a moment to read the full Usage Policy for Pixie Bolt AI.

  • Pixie Bolt AI is to be used for CyberBrokers-themed creations only.

  • Images are for personal use only, not commercial use.

  • Pixie Bolt AI should not be used to create illegal/offensive/distasteful images. 

  • Please include the hashtags #CyberBrokers and #PixieBoltAI if posting to social media.

If you are looking for an AI service to use for purposes beyond CyberBrokers, provides this in both website and Discord versions. Use coupon code CBPixieBoltAI to let them know CyberBrokers sent you.