Alpha Command

Alpha Command

CyberBrokers Alpha Command is a program for community members that would like to engage with the CyberBrokers universe at a higher level than just being a holder.

The CyberBrokers Writer’s Room was the first Alpha Command Post. It offers community members the ability to be directly involved with the shaping of CyberBrokers Lore. We now have multiple Posts within our Alpha Command program, each focused on harnessing the unique skills, passions and talents of our community. These Posts include opportunities such as helping develop our work with AI technology, assisting in the execution of our Quests, and engaging with our community in fun and authentic ways. Alpha Command Posts are created based on community interest and alignment with the CyberBrokers Roadmap.

If you have passion for CyberBrokers, a drive to create and the ability to commit some time on a regular basis, Alpha Command might be for you!

The first step in the Alpha Command process is to get involved with our community on a regular basis in Discord and on Twitter. Get to know community members and let them get to know you!

Then be on the lookout for Alpha Command application opportunities when they become available.

Have more questions about Alpha Command - ask a moderator in Discord.