Community Fund

Community Fund


Creating a universe as rich as CyberBrokers requires not just one internal team building, it takes an entire community - and luckily, we have the best one out there. 

In order to support creators in their efforts to build around and on top of our universe, we are allocated up to $174,000 USD over the next year to fund community-led development of CyberBroker initiatives. These will come in two forms:

  • Bounties - Projects we deem a priority and will be actively seeking the creation of. Available Bounties will always be listed on the Community page.

  • Creations - Ideas community members would like to submit for evaluation.

The funds will be rewarded to selected individuals and/or teams at a baseline rate of up to $15,000 USD per project. Submissions can include any initiative imaginable, including but not limited to tools, minigames, events, builds, etc. - whatever you dream of!

We are so excited to see what you will build, Brokers.

Who Should Apply

If you are an individual or part of a team with a fantastic idea and the ability to execute it within a reasonable time, we would like to hear from you!

Submit a Creation

Use the official Community Fund Creation Submission Form to submit your Creation for evaluation.  Please fill out each section of the form with as much information as possible so we can properly understand the brilliance of your idea.

Apply to a Bounty

The process for applying for a Bounty will follow the same process, with submissions only being accepted up to the data associated with the Bounty.

Selection Process

Creations and Bounties will be reviewed on a rolling basis and each will receive a timely response.

We will then shortlist ideas that frankly, we fall in love with.

We may engage the community, at our discretion, to gather feedback on some ideas. This will be done through Twitter Spaces to allow submitters to talk about their idea and a Google Form to collect community feedback.

If your idea is selected, you will likely be requested to provide more detailed information, including but not limited to a video call interview. 

If your idea is not selected for official funding, you may still pursue your project so long as it does not conflict with the CyberBrokers IP. 

Project Development

Once a submission has been formally selected, we will work with you to hammer out any final details and a formal contract will be executed. Once that is completed, development of the project may begin and follow the contract terms.

The Community Fund Manager (contact information below) will work with you during this phase to help enable your success. 

Once the project is completed, it will be announced to the community for their use.


  • The Community Fund will be active until all funds have been allocated.

  • If you have multiple ideas, please submit one application per idea.

  • If you are working with a team, please submit one application per team. The person submitting the application should be the main point of contact. 

  • You must be extremely confident in your ability to execute the idea overall and within a reasonable amount of time. 

  • We understand projects will require differing amounts of funds to execute. Thus, the awarded amount will be determined by the CyberBrokers team, likely not to exceed $15,000 USD per project. 

  • In rare circumstances, the CyberBrokers team may opt to allocate additional funds, exceeding the baseline $15,000 USD, to certain teams that are exhibiting great value.

  • If your idea generates revenue, you should include a proposal for how to pay back the Community Fund investment over time to pay it forward.

  • Payment will primarily occur at completion of the project. If you have hard costs, you should include those in the submission along with a proposal for up-front payment to cover them.

  • We will only evaluate projects submitted formally using the above method. Having a conversation with a CB team member does not constitute a submission or being added to the list of projects being considered.

  • During this process you should primarily communicate with the Community Fund Manager unless otherwise directed.


We’re here to help! For any questions during the submission, selection, development, and delivery of projects, please reach out to our Community Fund Manager, Mike. Mike can be contacted on Discord at CarTarL#3042 or by email at


Please, read the disclaimer carefully before submitting your ideas.

In submitting your Materials (as defined below) to CyberBrokers Inc. (“CyberBrokers”), you acknowledge and agree that:

  • Your submission of your ideas, drawings, model, pitch material and/or product (“Materials”) does not obligate CyberBrokers in any way and does not create a contract between you and CyberBrokers. 

  • If CyberBrokers has an interest in developing a product based on your Materials, you and Cyberbrokers will conclude a formal written agreement signed by both you and CyberBrokers. Unless and until you and CyberBrokers execute such a formal written agreement, CyberBrokers has no duty, obligation, responsibility or liability of any kind.

  • CyberBrokers does not commit or agree to develop any ideas contained in Materials you submit.

  • CyberBrokers may have already considered or have knowledge of ideas, drawings, models and/or products similar to the Materials that you submit.

  • CyberBrokers may have already begun product development of a product similar to the Materials prior to receiving your submission.

  • CyberBrokers is not obligated to return your Materials to you.

  • If CyberBrokers has an interest in discussing your Materials, CyberBrokers will notify you at the contact information you have provided. However, CyberBrokers has no obligation to contact you or follow up with you on your submission.

  • You agree that you are submitting the Materials on a NON-CONFIDENTIAL BASIS, and CyberBrokers will have no obligation to (i) keep secret any information submitted by you, including, without limitation, the Materials, (ii) refrain from using such information, or (iii) compensate you for the receipt or use of such information. 

  • You agree that the state and federal courts serving Cook County, Illinois shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute you may have with CyberBrokers and that you submit to the personal jurisdiction of those courts.