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December 21 2022

Mechs 101: A Primer

Everything you need to know for Mech Reveal and Assembly

Mech Part Reveal and Mech Assembly is quickly approaching. Here is all the info you need to be ready!


  • All TPL Mecha Parts must be claimed by December 31st, 2022 at midnight CST.

  • Mech Parts Reveal starts in early January 2023.

  • Mech Assembly starts soon after in February 2023.

  • The Model of an assembled Mech is determined by the Model type of the Engine part used in Assembly. 

    • Assembly will also require two other Mech parts that match the Model of the Engine.

  • A YouTube version of this information is available.

Process Overview

  • Mech Parts were provided to our holders via six Quests, which took place from April 2022-October 2022.

    • All Quests are now concluded and all Mech Part rewards from Quests are available to be claimed.

  • Starting January 2023, you will be able to Reveal the Style of your Mech Parts.

    • This process will burn your existing Mech Parts and give you new Revealed Parts that are of the same Model as the burnt Part, but now in a variety of Styles.

  • Later in February 2023, you will be able to burn your Revealed Mech Parts to Assemble custom, fully-rigged 3D Mechs with downloadable 3D files.

Mech Parts

Each of the six CyberBrokers Quests ended with a reward for holders - a TPL Mecha Part. We call these Mech Parts. Those that participated in Quest #1 received a special Mech Part, the Lupis Model Arm, which gave holders extra rewards for each subsequent Quest.

After each Quest, holders of either a CyberBroker or Lupis Arm were eligible to claim Mech Parts - one Mech Part for each CyberBroker or Lupis Arm owned. The more Brokers held, the rarer the Model of the Mech Parts received. Participating directly in Quests also upgraded the Model of the received Parts.

Mech Parts come in five different Models. From lowest to highest Model quality, they are as follows: Enforcer, Ravager, Behemoth, Lupis and Nexus. Descriptions of each Model can be viewed on OpenSea. At least ten CyberBrokers were needed in order to claim Nexus Model Parts, the highest quality.

The final Quest gave holders the Afterglow Mech Part. This part is different from the previous Mech Part rewards in several ways. Each Afterglow module represents a unique color, or color gradient. The Afterglow received was based on the Talent of the CyberBroker you held. If you held a Lupis Arm, you received an extra Leftover Talent color. A special Afterglow was awarded to those who participated in the final Quest. This was the first time a Mech Part was related to something specific about the CyberBrokers you owned. A sign of things to come? 👀

❗Important Notes:

  • Mech Parts are ERC-1155 NFTs.

  • Moving forward the term “Mecha” is being dropped in favor of the term “Mech”.

  • Moving forward the term “Model” will be used and the terms “Class” and “Level” will be depreciated.

  • Mech Parts are claimable based on a snapshot of ownership at the time of the Quest. Buying a CyberBroker or Lupis Arm after the Quest’s conclusion does not give you access to that CyberBrokers’ previous claims.

  • Full details of each Quest, its Mech Part reward, and solutions can be found in the Quest section of the CyberBrokers User Guide.

Arm vs. Pirated Arm Firmware

Quest #1 gave all CyberBroker holders an Enforcer Model Arm and each Quest #1 participant a Lupis Model Arm, which provided special Quest benefits (as noted above). After Quest #4, holders were given Pirated Arm Firmware parts that filled out the Arms for each Model and gave us enough Arm quantity for two Arms per Mech.

Now that Quests are over, there is no difference between a Mech Arm and Pirated Mech Arm Firmware. This means that for Mech Reveal & Assembly, there is also no difference between the two parts. Both produce the same results and can be used equally.

Mech Part Reveal

The images used for Unrevealed Mech Parts are just placeholders of what the final Mechs will look like. As mentioned above, in January 2023 you will be able to reveal your Mech Parts to show their inner Style. Each Mech Model will have multiple Styles available. A Style defines a Mech’s unique appearance as well as its attributes and special talents. Here is an example of four different Mech Styles.

The Reveal process will burn your Unrevealed Mech Part and give you a brand-new Revealed Mech Part NFT of the same Model. The newly minted Revealed Mech Part NFT will have a random Style from among those available to its Model. What Style you receive will be luck of the draw. 

Imagine a bag filled with the many different Mech Styles, one bag per Model. Each time anyone Reveals a Mech Part, they pull out a random Revealed Mech Part from the respective bag. Quantities for each Style within the bags are already set, with some Styles being rarer than others. So whenever a Style is pulled out, there is less of a chance of it being pulled out in future Reveals, until all Parts have been pulled and that Style is no longer available.

The Reveal will take place on the CyberBrokers website, known as “The Core”, and will require connecting with the wallet that contains your Mech Parts. 

❗Important Notes:

  • Mech Parts can be Revealed in batches to save on gas.

  • There is no time requirement to Reveal. You may get impatient waiting to see what Styles you get though!

  • Unlike other Mech Parts, Afterglow does not need to be Revealed. You know exactly what it is and can use it directly in Mech Assembly - no reveal required.

  • Keeping all your Mech Parts in a single wallet will allow for batch Reveals and will make Mech Assembly easier in the future.

  • You do not need to have any CyberBrokers in the wallet that contains your Mech Parts.

Mech Assembly

The Mech Assembly process will allow you to use your Revealed Mech Parts and Afterglows to create custom CyberBroker Mech NFTs. To Assemble a Mech you will need the following parts:

  • 1x Revealed Mech Engine 

  • 1x Revealed Mech Body

  • 2x Revealed Mech Arms

  • 1x Revealed Mech Head

  • 1x Revealed Mech Leg

  • 1x Afterglow

Each Assembled Mech will have a Model. The Model is defined by the Mech Engine used in the Assembly. Two other Mech Parts with the same Model as the chosen Engine will also be required. Any part will work, except for the Afterglow. The rest of the parts used can be of any Model. For Mech Assembly, it’s Model that is a requirement for the Engine + Two Parts Rule, not Style. The Styles of all parts chosen will impact looks and other factors, however. So choose carefully!

This process gives assemblers lots of room for creativity in assembling their own custom Mech, while also making sure the total supply of Mechs remains consistent. You can create a unified Mech using parts all with the same Style, or you can create a Mech using only parts of one Model, but with varying Styles. Or you can go totally off the wall and mix and match both Model and Style - totally up to you!

Assembly will take place on the CyberBrokers website, known as “The Core”, and will require connecting the wallet with your Revealed Mech Parts. You will be able to pick your Revealed Mech Parts and Afterglow and visually see what your finished Mech will look like before minting and assembly. All Revealed Mech Parts and Afterglows used to mint will be burned in the Assembly and minting process.

❗Important Notes:

  • Two Revealed Mech Arms will be needed per Mech.

    • Reminder: Mech Arm and Pirated Arm Firmware will both turn into Revealed Mech Arms.

  • Only one Revealed Mech Leg will be needed per Mech.

    • Each Revealed Mech Leg represents a pair of legs.

  • Once your Mech is Assembled and minted, it cannot be changed. You won’t need any other Revealed (or Unrevealed) parts for it in the future. Other Revealed parts can be used to create more Mechs however!

  • Having all your Revealed Mech Parts in a single connected wallet will make the Assembly process much easier.

  • You do not need to have any CyberBrokers in the wallet that contains your Revealed Mech Parts.


The time has finally come, you’ve selected all your Revealed Mech Parts, you’ve assembled your Mech and minted it. What do you get?

  • A shiny new ERC-721 NFT of your custom Genesis Line Mech.

  • A fully rigged 3D Mech ready to go, including downloadable, 3D files.

  • Your beautiful new Mech will be one of the five Models, each with unique capabilities, and be made up of one or more amazing Styles.

  • All information on Mech Parts used to assemble your Mech will be recorded in your Mech’s metadata.

    • This includes any OG Lupis Arms that were used!

  • Your Mech will be ready for action in the CyberBrokers universe and beyond 👀


  • Make sure to claim Mech Parts by December 31st, 2022 midnight CST.

  • Mech Reveal and Assembly will be available in early January 2023 and February 2023.

  • Follow Twitter, Discord, and check out The Core, our new website, for updates.

Strap in and get ready brokers. It’s Mech Time!