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June 01 2023

Version Beta Missions Step-By-Step Setup Guide

As Version Beta launches, a race has begun in the unexplored realms of the Paradigm Lost. Three Factions, each armed with their own motives, battle for dominance, seeking to shape the future by excavating the past. As a new recruit to one of these Factions, you’re about to step into your first Beta World. Your mission: realize your Faction's vision and uncover hidden truths in these unexplored realms. But beware, the secrets you unearth may rock the very core of the Paradigm…

Join us for a whole new season of CyberBrokers questing, now known as Version Beta Missions. Choose your Faction and enter the freshly unveiled Beta Worlds. Forge your own path and win rewards by completing individual missions. Then rally with your fellow Faction members to beat your opponents, and stand victorious as the Faction that gets the first pick on which Beta World to stake their claim. 

The Setup

To get yourself ready to play Version Beta Missions, follow these steps:

Go to the CyberBrokers Discord, use the /cb-verify command, and follow the instructions to verify you own a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or an NFT from one of our following collab collections.

We support for hot wallet verification. See the #holder-verify channel in Discord for more information.

Note: You cannot copy and paste the command, you will need to type it out. 

Once you are verified, use the /bracer command to pull up your Version Beta Bracer.

You should see the below once you activate your bracer using the /bracer command. Like above, you cannot copy and paste the command, you will need to type it out.

Every Monday at 10 AM CT, starting June 5th, you can head to the “Missions” buttons to see your Missions for that week. 

Head to ‘Missions’ then select the Level you would like to complete. Levels have to be completed in numeric order. Once you complete a Level, you will unlock the next one.

For each Level, there will be specific Missions for that week. Select the button for the Mission you’re interested in to get more info on how to complete it. Remember, you may have to do some Missions first before others unlock.

There are “Required” and “Optional” Missions. Required Missions will have a red button with a ❗️symbol next to it in the Mission Board image. Optional Missions will have a blue button and no symbol next to it in the Mission Board image.

When there are optional Missions, you’ll get your choice on which Missions you’d like to complete (i.e. you’ll have to complete 2/3 optional Missions).

When you have completed a Mission, hit the “Check” button. Then check the “Status” section to ensure you have completed the Mission successfully.

The FAQs

I don't own a CyberBroker or Mech but I own an NFT from your list of collab collections - can I still participate and get rewards?  

Yes. If you are joining us from one of our collab collections, there will be a set of extra CyberBrokers and Mechs that you can use during Version Beta Missions.

I don't own a CyberBroker, Mech, or a collab collection NFT - can I still participate and get rewards?

No. Version Beta Missions are only open to those who hold a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or collab collection NFT. But stay tuned for our next version of Missions 👀

I can't/won't verify using the CyberBrokers custom verification bot - can I still participate and get rewards? 

No. You will need to verify you own a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or an NFT from one of our collab collections to access our /bracer command where your progress and participation are tracked.

Is there any benefit for holding multiple Brokers and/or Mechs? 

Yes. The more Brokers and Mechs in your wallet, the better your odds of snagging some seriously sick rewards and claims.

Is there any benefit to holding rarer talent Brokers or rarer model Mechs? 

Yes. Certain Missions will require access to different Brokers and Mechs. Help your Faction win by having them ready to use.

Is there any snapshot mechanism being used?

Access to Version Beta Missions is token-gated. You will need to have either a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or an NFT asset from one of our collab communities in your wallet for the entirety of the eight weeks to get continual access to the game. There will be one snapshot, taken on July 31st at the conclusion of Version Beta Missions, of those wallets who have completed all Levels. This is the snapshot that will be used for rewards.

I don't have Twitter and will not create a Twitter account - can I still participate and get rewards? 

No. You will need a Twitter to complete certain Missions. If you do not have a Twitter, we suggest you set up one specifically for Version Beta Missions.