New Owner Guide

New Owner Guide


Here is the TL;DR on what you should do next.

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter.

  • Follow our Socials.

  • Subscribe (Google, Other) to our Google Calendar.

  • Learn about Mechs, our next collectible in the CyberBrokers universe.

    • Watch our Mechs 101 video or read the Mechs 101 blog.

    • Make sure you have all the necessary parts for a full Mech.

  • Learn about the CyberBrokers Roadmap.

  • Catch up on Lore by heading to the Lore section of our Resources page.

  • Check out our upcoming Events.

  • Join Discord, introduce yourself, and ask questions.

    • Follow this Guide to learn more about features available in CyberBrokers Discord.

  • Use our Resources page to explore other areas of the CyberBrokers universe.