Pixie Bolt AI

Pixie Bolt AI


Named after Pixie Bolt, a CyberBrokers Founder with the AI Talent, Pixie Bolt AI is an artificially intelligent text-to-image service that turns your text descriptions of scenes, locations, and people from The Paradigm Lost into CyberBrokers-themed images. This service is provided to our holders through the Community Fund and is powered by the Pixelcat bot from, using the Pixelmindai toolkit.

This tool sits at the intersection of artwork, storytelling, and collaboration. The idea of pairing our rich lore with your creative interpretations of TPL to create unique works is a no-brainer. We can’t wait to see what your imagination brings to life! And remember, like all cats, Pixie Bolt AI can be finicky, so you may need to use different words to get your desired result.

Community Fund

The idea for Pixie Bolt AI came from CyberBroker holder Architect, who has worked tirelessly with AI technology to create an output style that perfectly represents CyberBrokers. Architect submitted his creation through the Community Fund, where his proposal was selected and subsequently funded, leading to the Pixie Bolt AI service launching on September 1st, 2022.

Architect managed the project and tweak settings behind the scenes, so please be sure to thank him when you see him online - or simply say hi!

Usage Policy

Please take a moment to read the full Usage Policy for Pixie Bolt AI.


  • Pixie Bolt AI is to be used for CyberBrokers-themed creations only.

  • Images are for personal use only, not commercial use.

  • Pixie Bolt AI should not be used to create illegal/offensive/distasteful images. 

  • Please include the hashtags #CyberBrokers and #PixieBoltAI if posting to social media.

If you are looking for an AI service to use for purposes beyond CyberBrokers, provides this in both website and Discord versions. Use coupon code CBPixieBoltAI to let them know CyberBrokers sent you.