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January 20 2023

Mech Part Reveal Is Here

Unveil your Styles. Reveal your Parts. NOW LIVE!

It’s finally here ✨ Mech Part Reveal is live and we are beyond excited to see what Styles you’ll unveil and what creative Mechs you, our community, will build during Assembly (coming February 2023👀). Come join us and our special friends J1mmy, Carly Reilly, Bharat, Bryan Brinkman, and Andrew Steinwold for our Mech Reveal Live party🎉 starting in just ONE HOUR on YouTube Live.

Welcome to Pretty’s, the CyberBrokers Reveal Experience

We want to be the first to welcome you to Pretty’s, the one-stop-loot-shop for Revealed Mech Parts. Come meet Pretty, The Paradigm’s premier mech looter and digital fence, and Reveal your old, unrevealed parts for nice, shiny new Styled Mech Parts!

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Go to 🌐

  • Connect your wallet that contains your unrevealed TPL Mech Parts

  • Follow Pretty through the Reveal process

  • Your unrevealed TPL Mech Parts (ERC-1115) will be swapped for Revealed Parts (ERC-721)

  • Revealed Mech Parts will be one of fifty possible Styles. Check out all the Styles here.

  • Please note that during the Reveal process, your existing Mech Parts will be burned and you will receive new Revealed Parts of the same Models as your burnt Parts

  • Don’t forget to post your Revealed Parts on Twitter and tag @CyberBrokers_

Step-By-Step Reveal Instructions

Step 1: Navigate to 🌐 and connect your wallet

You must connect with the wallet that holds your TPL Mech Parts.

Step 2: Once your wallet has been connected, click “Contact Pretty”

This will begin the Reveal process.

Step 3: Comm Pretty

It’s time to get in contact with Pretty! Send her a Comm message using her address (or hit the Loot crate to autodial)

Step 4: Select which Parts you would like to Reveal

You can choose to reveal your Parts all at once or in batches - the choice is up to you. Once you’ve decided which Parts you would like to Reveal, click “Proceed with Selection” and “Confirm” the transaction. Please note that the parts you select will be burned, and you will receive new Revealed Parts of the same Models as your burnt Parts.

Step 5: Review your Revealed Parts with Pretty

Your parts are now Revealed! You can choose to go through each of your Parts individually with Pretty, where she’ll give you what info The Core database has on each Part, by hitting “Reveal Next”. Or you can click “Reveal All” to see all of your Parts at once in your Inventory. 

Step 6: Share your Revealed Parts on Twitter

Show us what Styles you pulled by tagging @CyberBrokers_ in your Tweets. 


Do Mech Parts need to be Revealed before any specific time?

Not currently. Should we set a date in the future when Reveal will close, we will communicate it to the community way in advance.

Is there any advantage to revealing multiple Mech Parts (i.e. bulk reveal) at the same time?

Yes. You will save gas by bulk-revealing your Parts.

Does bulk reveal mean I have to Reveal all of the Mech Parts I have in my wallet?

No. Through the Pretty UI, you will be able to select exactly which Parts from your inventory you want to reveal in bulk. You do not have to reveal all your Parts in one go.

What are the fifty Mech Styles and what is each of their rarity?

We have created the Mech Styles page on The Core to show off all fifty of our Mech Styles. Mechs Styles are listed and sorted by Model, with the most rare Style listed last within its Model.

When I Reveal, how is the Style I get determined?

Mech Part Style is determined randomly from a predefined amount of Parts per Style. A grab bag is a perfect analogy of how Style is determined, with each Model having its own bag. A set amount of each Style is put into the Model bag at launch. When someone Reveals, one less of that Style is available.

Does a Revealed Engine Part have a Style?

Mech Engines will be visually shown on the front of a Mech in the middle of the Mech Body. The only part that is visible is the icon and color for the Engine’s Model (i.e. all Enforcer Engines will be blue, all Ravager Engines will be green, etc). Though each Engine will have a set Style, the Style is purely to determine the stats of that Engine, not aesthetics. 

What are the stats on Revealed Parts?

Each Revealed Mech has three categories of stats: Power, Endurance, and Speed. Each of these categories has a range from 1-5 indicated by stars, with 5 being the highest. These numbers are a guideline to a Part's stats. When you Assemble your Mech, all your combined Parts will contribute to your Mech’s final stats in some way.

Are stats different for Model and Style?

Yes. Each Model and Style has its own unique set of stats. Below is a general overview of stats for Models:

  • Enforcer Model stats are typically very Style-dependent.

  • Ravager Model stats are Speed and Endurance heavy.

  • Behemoth Model stats are more focused on Power and Endurance.

  • Lupis Model stats are ranked high in Power and Speed. 

  • Nexus Model stats are decently well-rounded, but each Style individually is focused on maxing out one stat.

What is Mech Assembly?
The Mech Assembly process will allow you to use your Revealed Mech Parts and Afterglows to create custom CyberBroker Mech NFTs. To Assemble a Mech you will need:

  • 1x Revealed Mech Engine 

  • 1x Revealed Mech Body

  • 2x Revealed Mech Arms

  • 1x Revealed Mech Head

  • 1x Revealed Mech Leg

  • 1x Afterglow

More information on Assembly can be found here.

When is Mech Assembly?

Mech Assembly is coming February 2023. Get hyped.

Do I need to Reveal Mech Parts before Assembly?

Yes. The Assembly process will only work with Revealed Mech Parts, so be sure to catch up with Pretty.