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June 01 2023

Version Beta Missions: Pick your Faction. Claim your Rewards. Decide your Destiny.

Version Beta Missions launches TODAY 🔥Your first Beta World opens Monday, June 12th

As Version Beta launches, a race has begun in the unexplored realms of the Paradigm Lost. Three Factions, each armed with their own motives, battle for dominance, seeking to shape the future by excavating the past. As a new recruit to one of these Factions, you’re about to step into your first Beta World. Your mission: realize your Faction's vision and uncover hidden truths in these unexplored realms. But beware, the secrets you unearth may rock the very core of the Paradigm…

Join us for a whole new season of CyberBrokers questing, now known as Version Beta Missions. Choose your Faction and enter the freshly unveiled Beta Worlds. Forge your own path and win rewards by completing individual missions. Then rally with your fellow Faction members to beat your opponents, and stand victorious as the Faction that gets the first pick on which Beta World to stake their claim. 


  • Version Beta Missions Launches today, Monday, June 5th at 11 AM CT, and will run until July 31st.

  • You must be a CyberBroker or Genesis Mech holder, OR hold an NFT from one of our following collab collections:

    • Avastars

    • Azuki

    • BasedAF

    • Bored Ape Yacht Club

    • CloneX

    • CryptoPunks

    • Cool Cats

    • Doodles

    • FLUF World

    • Meebits

    • Moonbirds

    • OnChainMonkey

    • Pudgy Penguins

    • Renga

  • Get started by verifying in the CyberBrokers Discord, using the /cb-verify slash command. 

    • We support for hot wallet verification.  See the #holder-verify channel in Discord for more information.

  • Then use the /bracer command to open your Missions Profile and set up your own Paradigm Bracer. To set up your Bracer you must:

    • Set your Broker 

      • There will be 3 “base” CyberBrokers if you are joining us from another project and don’t own a CyberBroker.

    • Set your Mech

      • There will be 3 “base” Mechs if you are joining us from another project and don’t own a Mech.

    • Complete Level 0 Missions

      • View the three Factions

      • Set your Faction

        • You can take out Faction Quiz here to find out which Faction you fit in best with.

      • Verify your Twitter

  • Moving forward, Missions will be updated in the CyberBrokers Discord every Monday at 10 AM CT, starting June 12th. Use the /bracer command to access them. If you miss a week, no worries. You can retroactively go back and complete Missions, though you must complete all by July 31st to receive credit for prizes.

  • Be sure to pop into Discord on Monday, June 12th to see which Beta World we’ll be sending you to first 👀

For an in-depth look at Version Beta Missions, the game mechanics, the reward structure, and instructions to kickstart your gaming journey, keep reading👇

The Story

With the launch of Version Beta, previously uncharted worlds of the Paradigm Lost have sprung into existence, sparking a state of intense competition as three different Factions grapple for control over these newly-formed territories. Each Faction is propelled by its unique motive, their collective eyes fixated on delving deep into the past of the Paradigm to secure its vision of its future.

The Wayfarer Bureau sifts through antiquated government archives, hoping to gain valuable insights to aid in their exploration and ultimate conquering of these Beta worlds. The Shepherds of Soleia, driven by a sense of urgency, are excavating historical databases in a relentless pursuit of information about the Flame, a dangerous meme virus. And The Winners Circle is engaged in a strategic game of its own, a race against time to seek out easter eggs to give them a much-needed advantage in their ongoing games and missions.

As a new member of one of these Factions, you've just set foot in your first Beta World, eager to mold your Faction’s vision of the new Paradigm Lost into reality and driven to help unearth the answers hidden in the intricate folds of these unexplored worlds. But as you start digging, you start uncovering revelations, hidden within the Paradigm itself, that have the potential to shake its very foundations.

Want to immerse yourself in our universe before playing Version Beta Missions? Check out our short stories for Version Beta here

The Quiz

Curious about our three Factions? Take our Quiz to see which Faction you identify with the most and share your results on Twitter. Then set up your bracer using the /bracer command in our Discord to officially claim your spot on your team.

The Rewards

Rewards will be distributed based on the amount of CyberBroker and Assembled Genesis Mech NFT assets you hold at the end of Version Beta Missions. The more CyberBrokers and Mechs you hold in your wallet, the better your odds of snagging some sick rewards and claims👀

Coming from one of our collab communities? You’ll still score some serious prizes for joining us for Version Beta Missions. We’re excited to welcome you into the Paradigm Lost🔥

The Game

There will be eight weeks, or Levels, of Version Beta Missions, including a Finale week, where the winning Faction will be crowned and get first dibs on claiming the Beta World of their choosing.

Over these eight weeks, there will be a mix of Missions you will have to complete on your own, and Missions that will require you to collaborate with your fellow Faction members. The breakdown of each week of Version Beta Missions is as follows:

  • Week of June 5th: Level 0 - Set up

  • Week of June 12th: Level 1 - Individual Missions

  • Week of June 19th: Level 2 - Faction Competition

  • Week of June 26th: Level 3 - Individual Missions

  • Week of July 3rd: Level 4 - Faction Competition

  • Week of July 10th: Level 5 - Individual Missions

  • Week of July 17th: Level 6 - Faction Competition

  • Week of July 24th: Level 7 - Finale and Beta World Claiming

  • July 31st: Final Day to Complete Your Missions for Reward Credit

Level 0 unlocks at 11 AM CT on June 5th. Moving forward, missions will be updated in Discord every Monday at 10 AM CT, starting June 12th. Use the /bracer command to access them. Don’t worry about missing a week. You can complete Missions at any time during the eight weeks of Version Beta, though Levels must be completed in order and all Missions must be done by July 31st to receive credit for prizes.

The Setup

Itching to jack into the Paradigm Lost?

To get yourself ready to play Version Beta Missions, check out the Step-By-Step Setup Guide here.

The FAQs

I don't own a CyberBroker or Mech but I own an NFT from your list of collab collections - can I still participate and get rewards?  

Yes. If you are joining us from one of our collab collections, there will be a set of extra CyberBrokers and Mechs that you can use during Version Beta Missions.

I don't own a CyberBroker, Mech, or a collab collection NFT - can I still participate and get rewards?

No. Version Beta Missions are only open to those who hold a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or collab collection NFT. But stay tuned for our next version of Missions 👀

I can't/won't verify using the CyberBrokers custom verification bot - can I still participate and get rewards? 

No. You will need to verify you own a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or an NFT from one of our collab collections to access our /bracer command where your progress and participation are tracked.

Is there any benefit for holding multiple Brokers and/or Mechs? 

Yes. The more Brokers and Mechs in your wallet, the better your odds of snagging some seriously sick rewards and claims.

Is there any benefit to holding rarer talent Brokers or rarer model Mechs? 

Yes. Certain Missions will require access to different Brokers and Mechs. Help your Faction win by having them ready to use.

Is there any snapshot mechanism being used?

Access to Version Beta Missions is token-gated. You will need to have either a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or an NFT asset from one of our collab communities in your wallet for the entirety of the eight weeks to get continual access to the game. There will be one snapshot, taken on July 31st at the conclusion of Version Beta Missions, of those wallets who have completed all Levels. This is the snapshot that will be used for rewards.

I don't have Twitter and will not create a Twitter account - can I still participate and get rewards? 

No. You will need a Twitter to complete certain Missions. If you do not have a Twitter, we suggest you set up one specifically for Version Beta Missions.