Get Involved

Get Involved

Welcome to the CyberBrokers universe, where you can enjoy rich content, beautiful collectibles, and engaging experiences centered around the metaverse-inspired story of The Paradigm Lost. Here are a few of the ways you can jump into our world at Lupis-level speeds.

Join the Community

Whether you are a collector, a fan, or a contributor (or all three!), anyone can be a member of the CyberBrokers community, otherwise known as a “broker”.

💎 Be A Collector - Own the Universe

Own a piece of the CyberBrokers universe by collecting our NFTs, which are each stunning works of art designed by OG crypto artist Josie Bellini. Currently available collections include: 

  • CyberBrokers

    • The OG collection of on-chain SVGs representing characters from our Lore who had their minds uploaded into the metaverse and become the CyberBrokers. Learn more about CyberBrokers here

  • TPL Mech Parts

    • Various machine parts, which can be traded in for Revealed Parts, which will be used to assemble fully-rigged 3D Mechs (stunning massive pilotable robots). Learn more about Mechs by watching our Mechs 101 video. 

  • TPL Revealed Mech Parts

    • Shiny new Styled Mech Parts (ERC-721) that were Revealed after visiting Pretty and trading in TPL Mech Parts (ERC-1115). You'll need these to assemble fully-rigged 3D Mechs (stunning massive pilotable robots). Learn more about Mechs by watching our Mechs 101 video. 

  • TPL Mech Afterglows

    • A mech module used to further customize assembled 3D Mechs with a splash of emissive color. Learn about Afterglows by watching our Mechs 101 video. 

  • Genesis Mechs

    • Journey through the metaverse with CyberBrokers Genesis Mech NFTs - future-proof and metaverse-ready masterpieces that are fully rigged, 3D, interoperable, and customizable.

  • Genesis Mech Mods (Coming soon - Q4 2023)

    • Elevate future CyberBrokers gameplay with unique, vibrant & exclusive 3D accessories.

✨  Be A Fan - Experience the Universe

You don’t have to own any NFTs to be a fan and experience the rich world and story of CyberBrokers. Anyone can follow the story and engage directly with our world. Here’s how to best experience our universe.

  • Attend Events, both virtual and IRL.

  • Participate in Contests, Games, and much more, which are announced in our Discord. Launching in Q1 2023 is our brand new Mission system, which will provide plenty to do for all members of our community.

🔨  Be A Contributor - Build the Universe

Our Contributors are our copilots, helping us steer the ship as we build the expanding universe of The Paradigm Lost. Contribute to our universe by:

  • Creating a CyberBrokers-inspired project using your permissive rights.

  • Creating a CyberBrokers-inspired project by applying for funding through to the Community Fund

  • Join the conversation in Discord, collaborate with others on building out our universe and narrative, and look for opportunities to join the elite Alpha Command when they are posted.

If you want to learn more about the team behind CyberBrokers and what we’re building, visit our Roadmap and listen to our Founder Josie Bellini’s AMA. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, head to Resources, FAQs, or pop into Discord to ask questions.