Version Beta Missions

Version Beta Missions

*Version Beta Has Now Ended

Pick your Faction. Claim your Rewards. Decide your Destiny.

A race has begun in the unexplored realms of the Paradigm Lost - Version Beta Missions. Three Factions, each armed with their own motives, battle for dominance, seeking to shape the future by excavating the past. As a new recruit to one of these Factions, you’re about to step into your first Beta World. Your mission: realize your Faction's vision and uncover hidden truths in these unexplored realms. But beware, the secrets you unearth may rock the very core of the Paradigm…

Mission Comms

Make sure to follow CyberBrokers on Twitter and monitor Missions / #update channel in Discord.



  • Starts June 5th, ends July 31st.

  • Complete all Missions, get rewards.

  • Version Beta Missions is open to the following:

    • CyberBrokers

    • CyberBrokers Genesis Mechs

    • Our Collaboration Collections:

      • Avastars, Azuki, BasedAF, BAYC, CloneX, Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, Doodles, FLUF World, Meebits, Moonbirds, OnChainMonkey, Pudgy Penguins, & Renga.

  • Prove ownership of assets in CyberBrokers Discord with the slash command /cb-verify.

    • We support, see #holder-verify Discord channel.

  • Use /bracer to start and play!